• Over-the-top TV enables streaming of live events and video-on-demand content to desktop and mobile devices.

    • Live streaming.

    • Video-on-demand delivery.

    • DVR & catchup capability.

    • Content preparation (transcoding).

    • Program guides (EPG).

  • 2nd Screen services is the cutting edge solution allowing broadcasters, rights holders, media companies and advertisers to engage the end-users to interact with scheduled programs such as reality/talk shows, movies, live sports, commercials, etc. Deliver real-time companion data to your users while they are watching or listening to your show. Deliver content-aware mini-games during shows... A real-time poll can be fun. ;)

  • Push files to your users and let them share files with each other, watch videos and listen to music. All from their private cloud. We provide the necessary technology to build your next-generation storage service for your users content.

Products that run on our software: